Simple Toilet Repairs You Can Do Yourself

A common toilet repair is to replace a broken or worn flush valve. This can be an easy job that only costs $60 to $150. The valve is one of the two main valves in the tank and helps the water flow into the toilet bowl. Over time, it will degrade and become useless. It’s essential to replace it to keep the toilet working properly.

A cracked wax ring is another common toilet repair issue. A leaking toilet may be caused by a cracked wax ring. It may also wobble or move while flushing. If this happens, you should call a plumber to help you repair the toilet. They specialize in plumbing and can fix any plumbing problem.

Leaky toilets are a common problem, and leaks can happen in a number of places, including the water supply valve and the tank connection. Leaks can affect the entire system and cause water damage to the subfloor. This can lead to mold and mildew problems in the bathroom and in the room below. A highly experienced handyman can quickly determine which part of the system is leaking. It may be a cracked wax seal or corroded pipes.

Most toilet repairs are relatively easy to perform yourself. They don’t require any specialized tools and won’t take long. In addition, replacement parts are often available at your local home improvement store. A few common tools you’ll need include a cordless drill, hacksaw, hammer drill, and locking pliers.

To repair a leaky toilet, you need to first disconnect the water supply valve. You can do this by using a crescent wrench and a flathead screwdriver. Next, remove the toilet and base. Oftentimes, you’ll need to replace the float ball and valve. If you’re not comfortable doing this repair yourself, you can seek help from a professional.

Another common toilet repair is a failed flush. A loose chain or connection could be the culprit. Most toilets are similar in their design, with a flapper and lift arm at the bottom. This is usually an easy fix, and you’ll save a lot of money by avoiding a plumber’s visit.

Depending on the extent of the damage, a flange repair may cost anywhere from $60 to $200. It’s a crucial part of the toilet that holds it securely to the floor and connects it to the drain pipe. If it’s broken, the toilet won’t work properly and may leak water. This can also make it unusable.

A replacement tank costs between $50 and $250. Depending on the size of the tank, you may be able to save money by replacing the damaged part instead of repairing it. If the tank isn’t in great shape, you can still repair it yourself, or pay a plumber to replace it.

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