How to Choose the Right Family Attorney for Your Case

A family lawyer handles a wide range of issues related to domestic affairs, such as divorces, custody disputes and property division. They must have a deep understanding of state laws and court procedures, as well as extensive knowledge of local resources and networks. Finding a reliable Chicago family law attorney can be done through referrals from friends, family members or colleagues, by researching online attorney directories or by asking the local bar association for recommendations. A good family law attorney should also have the ability to provide strong legal representation and compassion during stressful times.

One of the most significant and emotionally charged issues in a divorce is child custody. A skilled family law attorney can help mitigate emotions and draft customized custody and support arrangements that serve the best interests of children. They can also assist spouses with navigating the equitable distribution of assets and debts, ensuring that an agreement is legally compliant.

Davis and Associates, Attorneys at Law, caters to clients in Chicago who have family law concerns. The firm handles petitions for adoption and matters surrounding civil unions, as well as divorce proceedings and the concomitant processes for property division and the custody and support of minor offspring. The office also tackles estate planning tasks to assist parents in preserving wealth for their kids. Founded in 2013, the company is led by Christopher S. Jordan.

Nordgren Law Offices of Chicago serves the residents of Chicago and the nearby areas with family law issues. The firm takes on petitions for adoption and guardianship of minors, as well as divorce cases and the related pleadings for property division and the custody and support of children. The office also provides estate planning services to assist clients in preserving their inheritance. It is headed by Gerald P. Nordgren, a lawyer who started his practice in 1979.

Corri Fetman & Associates Ltd. handles a wide range of family law matters in the city, such as divorce proceedings and issues on spousal support, parental rights, and child custody. The firm also helps with the resolution of matters involving domestic violence and other issues concerning marital law. Its team of lawyers includes Corri Fetman, who has over two decades of experience. The firm was established in 2005 and is based in Chicago. It represents individuals from all walks of life and the LGBTQ community. The attorneys at this law firm are knowledgeable about the complexities of family law and are capable of resolving any issue that may arise during a marriage dissolution. They have a wealth of expertise and a track record of success in their work. This has enabled them to be rated as top family law attorneys in their field by Super Lawyers. Their reputation is built on a combination of factors, such as client satisfaction and positive reviews, their track record and the amount of years they have spent in practice. The firm also has an excellent understanding of the laws governing divorces, custody and child support and their implications for the financial health of clients.

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