Dental Emergencies and When to See an Emergency Dentist

Emergency DentistA dental emergency can arise at any moment. It can be a simple accident, like a loose tooth, or a serious problem such as an abscessed tooth. Whatever the reason, a dental emergency can cause pain, discomfort and even infection if you don’t get proper treatment.

Having healthy teeth is important for a happy, healthy life. It means brushing and flossing regularly, and making regular dental visits to the dentist. However, accidents do happen, and when they do, you need to seek emergency dental care in Sarasota Florida immediately.

What are the most common dental emergencies?

A cracked or broken tooth is a major emergency that needs immediate attention from an emergency dentist in Sarasota. This is because a cracked tooth exposes the interior of the tooth to bacteria, and it can lead to infection.

Losing a cap or filling is also a dental emergency because this allows food and other debris to get inside the tooth, causing more damage.

If you lose a filling or cap, it should be replaced as soon as possible. This can prevent further damage to your teeth and gums, and it will ensure that your nerves are protected from decay.

Knocked out teeth are another type of dental emergency that requires immediate care from an emergency dentist in Sarasota. If you can, place the tooth back in your mouth near the cheek to keep it moist and try to hold it in place until you can come in for treatment. If the tooth cannot be held in place, place it in a container of milk to help preserve it.

An abscessed tooth is a serious dental emergency that involves an infection in the tooth’s center and spreads to the root. This causes hard, inflamed blisters to form that release puss from the area. This is typically accompanied by severe pain and swelling in the jaw, face, neck and gums.

This can be extremely uncomfortable, so you’ll want to get to a Sarasota emergency dentist as soon as possible to receive treatment. If your abscessed tooth is not treated right away, it may develop into a more serious infection in the bone and jaw.

Severe jaw pain is another dental emergency that you should see your emergency dentist for. This pain can be a sign of an infection, or a more serious issue such as TMJ Syndrome at work.

Tooth sensitivity is also a dental emergency that should be addressed by a dentist as soon as possible. This can be caused by a cracked or broken tooth, a loose or damaged filling or a bad restoration.

What are the best resources for finding an emergency dentist?

There are many online resources that can help you find an emergency dentist in your area. These include Emergency Dental Service, 1-800-Dentist and Emergency Dentists USA. Using these sources will save you time in trying to locate an emergency dentist near your home or work. If you have an emergency in the evening or during a weekend, it’s especially important to use these resources as many dentists are closed on these days. You may also contact one of the best dental care services in Florida, Go 2 Dental Sarasota.

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